Let’s start on the negative side.

Dinner Risotto: sickeningly creamy; chalky; like glue, but with less flavor.
Dinner Alfredo: mushy noodles; tasteless sauce; chewy chicken

And the good stuff…

Dinner Roast Beef & Gravy With Garlic Mash: flavorful; filling; like regular food; so, so good!
Breakfast Granola: sweet; crunchy; just enough food

So far, so good…


So, I am currently on day 3 of Nutrisystem and I feel amazing. Not once has my stomach rumbled, growled or made any other unhappy noise. However, I have noticed a change in my tummy’s behavior. Since I quit smoking I have had terrible bouts of heartburn, which almost make me feel nauseous after every meal. I have not had heartburn once since starting Nutrisystem and I haven’t felt nauseous after eating. My stomach feels normal and healthy. I have also noticed that I’m not nearly as bloated as I used to feel. This may have something to do with the reduction of sodium in my diet (I love salt!) and the amount of water that I’ve been drinking (1 1/2-2 1 liter bottles!). I’ve also resisted eating past 5-6pm and have had NO ALCOHOL! I have not had a soda or a coffee in 3 days! I feel awesome! Now, typically in order to function at work and be on my A-game for my boss I need to have at least one cup of coffee, but I have found (and I don’t know if this is supposed to happen) EAS Lean has given me SO MUCH ENERGY!!!! I mean, almost like I’m taking a stimulant, but without any sort of crash and less jitteryness (is that a word?). It doesn’t taste awesome, but for what it’s doing for me like killing my appetite, giving me energy and all sorts of awesome vitamins, I really don’t care. In fact, today I drank it without going “ew”, so I think my tastebuds are coming around.

I’m eating frequently, almost every 2-2.5 hours, but they are small meals and each are under 300 calories (not adding dessert and dinner together; dessert is under 300 and dinner is under 300, but together they’re usually slightly over) and my snacks are under 90 calories each. Today is my first weekend day on the system. I’m slightly nervous because the weekend usually consists of my boyfriend and I going out to eat/ having a few drinks and/or playing video games and relaxing together. I usually eat most during the weekend mostly out of boredom, but also because my day lacks any sort of structure that would prohibit me from snacking excessively. Yesterday I was craving something to munch, so I opened a bag of spinach put some black pepper on it and ate each leaf like a potato chip. After about 2 cups worth of raw spinach I was REALLY full and only ate about 20 calories. I love spinach, so this worked for me. I felt satisfied, not like I was denying myself and I still stayed in a little over 1000 calories for the whole day. I’m just happy I reached for something healthy, fiberous and fat free instead of the actual chips themselves. Small victories! I will check in on my weight at 7 days. I’m hoping to loose 1-2 pounds per week, but I may loose more in the first couple simply from cutting soda from my diet. I was drinking a lot of it! Off to war…

“The start is what stops most people” – Don Shula






I received my first box of Nurtisystem food today and I’m so excited! It looks like SO MUCH FOOD! I clearned out one cabinet for just my Nutri-food and it barely fits.

My Nutri-cabinet

I always thought that you just ate the given b-fast, lunch and dinner, but I have come to find out that you’re supposed to eat the so-called “powerfuel”, or “smartcarb” in between meals. Also, they suggest that you have a protein shake with your breakfast. Nutrisystem sells the shakes, but they aren’t included in the plan. I opted for EAS Lean . It’s 100 calories and has 15 grams of protein, which is fairly close to the stats of the Nutri-shake (writing the whole thing out is not happening. I will hyphenate as much as a damn well please!). In fact, EAS is about 10-20 calories LESS than the Nutri-shake. I like that! I decided to use Weight Watchers string cheese (70 calories) as my morning and afternoon snack as it will be easy and mess-free to munch while I’m at work. I’ve added a fat-free greek yogurt (80 calories) to my lunch entree.

Nutri-tortilini, Light Greek yogurt, WW string cheese                              100 calories, 15g protein,  With everything added up–breakfast with a shake, morning snack, lunch with a yogurt, afternoon snack, dinner and dessert–I will be consuming 1,080 calories tomorrow. The average caloric intake for a woman is around 2,050, so that’s a pretty good slash for the amount of food I’m going to be eating. As I get used to eating less, I will probably remove all of those little snacks and reduce my intake even more. I’m feeling incredibly motivated. Time will only tell if I can maintain my positive attitude when my gut starts rumbling. I hope so!

“The best way out is always through.”  – Robert Frost

2-2 1/2 years ago

2-2 1/2 years ago

It is almost impossible for me to believe that I looked like this at one point in my life. In this picture I was roughly 120 lbs, 5’8 and 22 years old. I was drunk a lot. I was not healthy, but I was thin and I loved my body. I was living my life in a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-size-5-pants way drinking until 6 in the morning and waking up for class at 8. Now I’m about 60 lbs heavier. I have a college degree, a steady 9-5, an incredible loving boyfriend, a townhouse, and two cats. I hardly ever drink and I quit smoking. I. Am. Happy. I’m also FAT. I hardly ever go out and I don’t always feel comfortable in public. Recently, I had a panic attack in a restaurant because I felt like people were watching me eat. I’m a pushover at work and allow my very assertive female boss verbally and emotionally beat the shit out of me because I don’t have the confidence to stand up for myself. So, this blog is not only about fighting the fat; yes, I will loose weight. I will get skinny; however, my main goal is to be balanced.

I’ve ordered my first shipment of Nutrisystem food and I’m very excited about it! I chose the core program and picked all of my food instead of getting the pre-picked package. I’ve never had Nutrisystem food, so I have no idea how it will taste, or (more importantly) if it will even fill me up as I’m a notorious over eater. I will be giving a thorough review of all of the food and I will be tracking my progress. Hopefully I’ll put up a good fight.